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Reflections on Newtown

26th December 2012

Glenn “Instapundit” Reynolds with some inconvenient truth.

 According to the CNN timeline for the Sandy Hook tragedy, “Police and other first responders arrived on scene about 20 minutes after the first calls.” Twenty minutes. Five minutes is forever when violence is underway, but 20 minutes — a third of an hour — means that the “first responders” aren’t likely to do much more than clean up the mess.

‘When seconds count, police respond in minutes.’ This is the great pothole that rips the oil pan out of all the left-wing rhetoric about only police ought to have guns.

Then there are our homes. If police took twenty minutes to respond at a school, how likely are they to get to your house in time? For those of us without “security teams,” the answer isn’t reassuring.

Indeed. The question that nobody in the ‘lamestream’ media is willing to ask, much less answer.

 A 20-year-old lunatic stole some guns and killed people. Who’s to blame? According to a lot of our supposedly rational and tolerant opinion leaders, it’s . . . the NRA, a civil-rights organization whose only crime was to oppose laws banning guns. (Ironically, it wasn’t even successful in Connecticut, which has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.)

It doesn’t really matter who’s really to blame — the hand-wringers will round up the Usual Suspects.

The hatred was intense. One Rhode Island professor issued a call — later deleted — for NRA head Wayne LaPierre’s “head on a stick.” People like author Joyce Carol Oates and actress Marg Helgenberger wished for NRA members to be shot. So did Texas Democratic Party official John Cobarruvias, who also called the NRA a “terrorist organization,” and Texas Republican congressman Louis Gohmert a “terror baby.”

Left-wingers are the biggest and baddest h8ters in the country. ‘End the hate — shoot a liberal.’

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