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Bloomberg, LaPierre and the Void

25th December 2012

Ross Douthat lays down some inconvenient truth.

The leading gun control chorister was Michael Bloomberg, and this was fitting, because on a range of issues New York’s mayor has become the de facto spokesman for the self-consciously centrist liberalism of the Acela Corridor elite. Like so many members of that class, Bloomberg combines immense talent with immense provincialism: his view of American politics is basically the famous New Yorker cover showing Manhattan’s West Side overshadowing the world, and his bedrock assumption is that the liberal paternalism with which New York is governed can and should be a model for the nation as a whole.

And, in a town that has had the Sullivan Act, used as a model for ‘gun control’ laws throughout the nation, needs to walk around with 24/7 armed guards. By their fruits ye shall know them. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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  1. lowly Says:

    I had a beagle once. Lotsa talent. But when tracking, she’d go the way the critters had come. Called her libby, after ‘liberals’, when I couldn’t cure her, because she was irritating and useless.