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Nyt: The Yellow Peril Threatening Harvard’s Campus Culture: Or, Why Two Wongs Don’t Make a White in the Ivy League

24th December 2012

Steve Sailer must have a lot of fun.

What really works, I imagine, is for prep schools that have a long and deep relationship with elite colleges to make confidential assessments: “The faculty here at Groton is in near unanimous agreement that this applicant adds more to classroom discussions than any Groton student since Bill Smith four years ago, whom you will have noticed just became a Rhodes Scholar. As you know, we value our relationship with Harvard’s admissions’ committee over all others, so we would not steer you wrong when we call your attention to this applicant’s intangibles.” That kind of thing coming from a top 100 prep school would probably swing some weight, while recommendations from teachers and staff at non-elite high schools probably don’t get taken too seriously because of small sample sizes.

But, in the long run, Harvard will get away with lots of stuff that FDNY wouldn’t dream of trying, because it’s Harvard.

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