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CA Treasurer Pushes Pension Fund to Divest from Bushmaster

21st December 2012

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California Treasurer Bill Lockyer said today that state pension funds should stop investing in companies that produce guns that can’t be sold in the state legally. He has asked his staff to review all state investments.

Which is stark ‘progressive’ feel-good-ism masquerading as concern — once they’ve sold the stock, the company doesn’t give a shit what they think any more. If they were really interested in affecting what gun companies do, they’d buy up their stock and exercise their rights as shareholders to affect what the company does. But no. it’s all about the SWPL desire for self-esteem in a Clever Plastic Disguise.

Despite its heavy gun restrictions, California  ranks fourth in the nation in gun homicide rate, and leads the nation by a wide margin in terms of absolute number of homicides.

Unfortunately there isn’t anybody in the state with sufficient intelligence to draw the obvious conclusion.

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