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Not News: Detroit-Area Pastor Threatens Campaign of Harassment Against Mich. Gov. and Family

16th December 2012

Read it.

 Imagine for a moment if a Christian fundamentalist pastor publicly threatened a Democratic Party governor about to sign a legitimately passed bill into law with a long-term campaign of public harassment for doing so. Now imagine if that pastor extended that threat to include appearances at the governor’s home and at his children’s sporting events, and that Republican and conservative elected officials on hand during the pastor’s announcement voiced no objection to the pastor’s threats. All of that would be news, right?

Well, Detroit pastor Charles E. Williams II, described here as “Pastor, Historic King Solomon Baptist Church and President (of) National Action Network Michigan,” made such public threats against Republican Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and his family this week — and it’s not news at the Associated Press, New York Times, or really anywhere except several center-right blogs and publications.

Media bias? What media bias? Ain’t no media bias here. Anyway, nobody expects civilized behavior from Those People.

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