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Welfare Spending Dwarfs ‘Poverty’

10th December 2012

Read it.

The Senate Budget Committee reports that total spending on means-tested federal programs, if divided by the number of households living below the official poverty line, works out to $168 per day. How much is that? Well, the average American household lives on $137 per day.

That’s $21 an hour. For doing nothing. I should have such a job….

5 Responses to “Welfare Spending Dwarfs ‘Poverty’”

  1. lowly Says:

    I make that $29.50 per hour, at 52 weeks of 40 hours per week. The article mentions “better than a $30 per hour income.”

  2. Dennis Nagle Says:

    “I should have such a job….” You can. Quit your job and go on welfare.
    Problem solved. Next?

  3. Tim of Angle Says:

    ‘Problem solved’? Not even close. Unless you want to pay for it. I don’t.

  4. Dennis Nagle Says:

    I’m already paying for it, as are you.
    But if you quit your job and go on welfare, you will no longer be paying for it. I will happily continue to pay so you can revel in the lavish style to which you think you will become accustomed.
    Problem 2 solved. Next.

  5. Tim of Angle Says:

    Great. Send me all your money, and I’ll be happy to get with your program.