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Google Left Phone Service Out of Its Fiber Rollout Thanks to Pesky Regulatory Hurdles

5th December 2012

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To say that Google’s high-speed Internet and television service has been warmly received in Kansas City is probably an understatement. But why didn’t the search giant take a stab at disrupting phone service, as well? As it turns out, it wasn’t due to lack of vision. A report from the Kansas City Business Journal reveals that Google thought long and hard about rolling out VoIP service to go with its Fiber data service before eventually balking at the regulatory headache it would have to deal with.

“We looked at doing that. The cost of actually delivering telephone services is almost nothing,” said Milo Medin, Google’s VP of Access Services at a conference in Kansas City. “However, in the United States, there are all of these special rules that apply.”

And that’s the flavor of the Obamanation: ‘Company X was going to do Y but decided not to, because of the regulatory headaches it would involve.’

Way to get the economy moving, guys. Forward into the past….

2 Responses to “Google Left Phone Service Out of Its Fiber Rollout Thanks to Pesky Regulatory Hurdles”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Funny, all those other folks doing VoIP don’t seem to have a problem with those ‘pesky regulations’…

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Because they were willing to pay off the appropriate officials. Try to keep up.