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4th December 2012

Victor Davis Hanson calls out the left-o-crites.

I didn’t think much of Al Gore or John Kerry, well before the “he lied!” vein-bulging fits and the wind-surfing spoofs. I was not surprised when Susan Rice just disclosed that she is worth considerably over $30 million — and has money in Keystone no less. Are they all part of the “one percent”? Did they pay “their fair share”? Do they “spread the wealth”? At what point in his life did Al Gore know that he had made enough money (before barreling ahead and making more)?

Why do a Timmy Geithner and John Kerry preach about raising taxes while trying their best to break the law to avoid them? I remember the Clintons seeking write-offs for the donation of their underwear, Tom Daschle not counting limo service as income, and Hilda Solis with a lien on her husband’s property. Why wouldn’t the above pay too much rather than too little? If Barack Obama did not get free government everything, and made several millions on his serial memoirs, with his mansion, prep schools, and Martha’s Vineyard vacations to pay for, would he still preach that guys like him need their taxes raised?

Probably. It’s what they do — say a lot that never somehow seems to apply to them. Look at Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. But they operate more like Leona Helmsley: ‘We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.’

2 Responses to “Einbahnstrasse”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    You mean the Leona Helmsley that was a life-long staunch Republican? That Leona Helmsley?

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    And you were personally acquainted with Leona Helmsley and can testify that she was a ‘life-long staunch Republican’?

    My, what prominent friends you have.