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Relief for the Phobiaphobic

4th December 2012

Read it.

And about time, too.

We’ve been thanklessly making this same argument since forever: The idea that we’re “afraid” of gays is laughable, but more importantly, allowing the elites to categorize unpopular opinions as mental illnesses is the sort of Stalinesque junk science that criminalizes common sense and ruins lives.

Unfortunately, while there is a popular Greek-based suffix for ‘irrational fear of’, there isn’t (so far as I have discovered) a convenient Greek-based suffix for ‘justified contempt for’ (although perhaps ‘homoligoria’ might work). Disappointing.

“Islamophobia” will prove a tougher demon to exorcise. After all, as annoying as they are, angry gays (unless they’re serial killers) typically limit themselves to direct or indirect suicide. Pissed-off Muslims vastly outnumber homosexuals (not incidentally because they keep killing them) and aren’t averse to murdering others to get their own way.

Food for thought.

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