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Chinese ‘Maternity Hotel’ Sparks Outrage in California Suburb

2nd December 2012

Read it.

Residents of a Southern California suburb are protesting against a hilltop home that they say serves as a maternity center for Chinese mothers paying thousands of dollars to give birth to so-called “anchor babies.”

Ah, I see. Anchor babies are just fine if you’re a poor Mexican but a no-no if your a rich Chinese. That makes perfect sense.

Protesters say they don’t want to see a business in a residential area.

I’m sure that’s it.

Kelly Good tells the Sun the come legally on tourist visas, but their intention is to give birth in the United States so their children would automatically gain citizenship. She said that’s a “false pretense.”

How is it false? It’s not as if they’re hiding their intentions. She obviously had no problem finding out about it. If our laws are so silly as to make an American citizen out of any kid who happens to be here when he pops out, she needs to talk to the Supreme Court, not the local newspaper. (I’d say her Congressman, but he’s probably a Democrat and also probably has no problem with it.)

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