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WSJ: “The Racializing of American Politics”

30th November 2012

Steve Sailer has the scoop.

The big money conservative press is starting to get alarmed by all the in-yo-face-white-boy chest-thumping since the election (much of it coming from white boys, of course).

Democrats have been trying to racialize American politics ever since they pulled the wool over the eyes of black people about who was actually responsible for segregation and Jim Crow, with notable success. As long as it keeps working, they’ll continue to do it.

Indeed, the Lamestream Media are trying to convince people that Hispanic is a ‘race’ and Muslim is somehow a ‘race’, with some success (at least among the purported victims). As with ‘white Hispanic’ in the Trayvon Martin case, if there isn’t a racial angle to a story, they’ll be happy to manufacture one. Can anyone seriously pretend that Barack Obama would be anything at all, much less President, if he wasn’t half-black?

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