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The Parental “Diversity” Dilemma

29th November 2012

Read it.

Look at the history of most progressive charters and you’ll find they are initiated by white people who fit into one or more of the following categories:

Unnerved by the high percentage of low-achieving, low-income kids at their neighborhood school.
Unwilling to risk the lottery system for the good schools in their district.
Unable to afford private school, or a house in a homogenous suburb.
Unsure their kids are going to be able to compete with the top kids in their neighborhood school (particularly in high school)
Unhappy with the public school’s treatment of their idiosyncratic little snowflake.

These are people who would move to homogeneous environments, but can’t.

Welcome to the world of SWPL rationalization.

Using taxpayer dollars for upscale liberals (they are, usually, liberals) who don’t want their kids in the overly “diverse” local schools or have a little snowflake who just isn’t good enough to compete in a more competitive public school.

Say it ain’t so, Joe….

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