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Egypt’s ‘Moderate’ Despot

29th November 2012

Jonah Goldberg looks at the fruits of Obamanation diplomacy.

What do you call a leader of a theocratic and cultish movement with a deep and clear disdain for democracy who suddenly assumes dictatorial powers?

A “moderate,” of course.

‘Meet the new boss … Same as the old boss….’

Ever since the Muslim Brotherhood broke its promise to stay out of Egypt’s presidential election in the aftermath of the revolution, many Western observers have been in denial about what has been going on. In less than half a year, Mohamed Morsi has deftly built the foundation for despotism.

Much as the Nazis brilliantly cast themselves as reformers sweeping away the corruption of the Weimar Republic, Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood have been using the effort to clean up the detritus of Hosni Mubarak’s dictatorship as an excuse to consolidate power.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

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