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“So You Just Walked Off the Job???”

27th November 2012

Read it.

 It is also no coincidence HR is once again dominated by women.  The skills women develop nitpicking minor infractions among romantic suitors is the precise exact same skills they use to nitpick infractions against job applicants.  Of course, it is no surprise their success in picking qualified romantic suitors is the same as picking qualified job applicants.  There is no data out there to prove it, but nearly EVERY HR lady I’ve personally know has been divorced, had dating problems, or at minimum had some kind of mental problem.  Sure there were a handful of relatively stable women, but the majority were not.  And I’m willing to bet their woefully inadequate ability to judge character when choosing men is equally woefully inadequate when judging job applicants (which we do have actual data for from MErcer, which shows a r-square of .14 between HR questions and actual job performance).

Tech companies are not immune to this stupidity. A lot of them are famous for asking questions that have very little relation to the position for which they’re hiring but a great deal of applicability to being on a College Bowl team.

 Not to belabor the HR angle, the larger point is that it is becoming very obvious corporations are developing a psychosis of their own.  It’s almost as if they’re becoming sentient even though they’re organizations.  An entitlement princess mentality is developing which makes the proposition of working for them not worth the risk of spending 20 years of your life getting educated, certified, qualified, licensed and CPE’d to death, only to have a job where your psychologically abused.

Probably a good idea to avoid such places. If you can.

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