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Who Are the Bigots Now?

27th November 2012

Peter Hitchens is getting tired of the same old left-wing paintbrush.

I’ve warned before against presuming that I (or anyone else) haven’t said, written or done certain things, unless the person making the statement also has total knowledge. Perhaps it would have been wiser to make some enquiries, or to seek knowledge on this matter first, before making this insinuation. If the accuser can’t be bothered to look back through several years of my writings, perhaps it would have been more prudent to stay quiet. But no, the innuendo must be produced anyway. Out of such slack-minded, and if I may say, bigoted folly is totalitarianism born.

One Response to “Who Are the Bigots Now?”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Why all this fuss about a Church which is dying, anyway?