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Egypt: Morsi Assumes Sweeping New Powers

23rd November 2012

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Mohamed Morsi has issued a declaration extending his powers, making all presidential decisions final and immediately applicable.

So, how’s that Arab Spring thing working out for you? In particular, what makes this guy different from Mubarrak?

Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine pulls back the curtain:

Now comes word that Morsi, in the words of the Washington Post, has taken “extensive new powers for himself, freeing his decisions from judicial review and ordering retrials for former top officials including ex-president Hosni Mubarak. In “an announcement read on state television by Morsi’s spokesman and broadcast repeatedly with accompanying nationalistic songs,” the Egyptian people were informed, among other things, that all decisions made by Morsi since he took office in June are final and not subject to appear or review.

Morsi’s power grab follows his diplomatic triumph, manufactured by Obama, on behalf of Hamas. Having become the Protector of Gaza and the alleged Guarantor of Israeli Security, why shouldn’t Morsi also declare himself the Dear Leader, or (as some are saying) the New Pharaoh, of Egypt?

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