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People Line Up to Legally Make Untraceable Guns

22nd November 2012

Read it.

Let’s watch Democrat heads explode.

It is possible because of the Gun Control Act of 1968. It reads, “an unlicensed individual may make a firearm,” but also says it has to be for personal use and cannot be for sale or distribution.

Second Amendment? What’s that?

Harris warns that not everyone can build their own gun. Non U.S. citizens, felons or anyone disqualified from gun ownership cannot participate.

Democrat heads will still explode.

Jerry Tuma of Ares said they get former military coming in as well as, “high-end vehicle mechanics, reactor techs, doctors” and others. They are people who have an “appreciation for a technical job set,” he said.

In other words, Republicans.

When asked about the issue of bad guys building these guns, Harris said it takes time and patience to build a gun and anyone interested in doing a crime “can buy a gun out of a trunk easier than going through the process.”

In other words, Democrats.

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