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The ‘Ceasefire’

21st November 2012

Andy McCarthy is not fooled.

There are no ceasefires other than in the diplomats’ Islamophilic imaginations. Hamas is at permanent, existential war with the Jewish state. So are the region’s other Islamists. These “ceasefires” are just periodic lulls that allow Islamists to catch their breath and rearm for the jihad’s next round, while the diplomats browbeat Israel into more concessions — assuring the jihadists that their barbarism works. The war will continue until one side decisively wins, meaning the other decisively loses. With all that is stacked against them, with the perverse way the supposedly civilized world averts its eyes from the unabashed savagery of Israel’s enemies, it is a marvel that Israelis remain so strong and so decent.

The term that Arabs use that Islamophilic journalists translate ‘ceasefire’ is hudna, which means

A temporary truce made by Muslims, typically when they are losing a conflict, so as to allow them time to regroup their forces. The terms of a hudna are considered expendable by radical Muslims, and generally only remain in effect for as long as the Muslims need them to be.

Prediction: Once Hamas has rearmed and regrouped, and the Israelis have made their forces stand down, the rockets will start firing again.

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