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Officially Black

21st November 2012

Read it.

Every person in this phot0 except the geek from Canada is entitled to check the ‘black’ box on every form, every application, every place where Affirmative Action reigns.

Oh, Colin Powell’s son Michael? He’s Officially Black too.

Steve Sailer reacts:

 Think of it from the point of view of a college admissions office or an HR Department. They have rules and guidelines about who they can take, but they also know perfectly well that even if Susan Rice’s kids are lazy nimrods, they still want them because they are plugged into the highest levels of the Global Power Elite. They’re connected. Affirmative action gives admissions offices and HR departments an excuse to favor Susan Rice’s children — in the name of Diversity and Fighting Racism — over the children of random unconnected losers.

Lots of people assume that just because it’s absurd and unfair for Susan Rice’s children to get special racial privileges, somebody will organize to take those privileges away. But, the more power quasi-non-whites like Susan Rice get, the harder it will be to take their racial privileges away from them and their descendants unto the seventh generation.


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