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A Pox on All Your Blankets

20th November 2012

Kathy Shaidle blows up some myths.

Sorry, disgruntled African Americans. There are exponentially more of you in the United States today than there were when your “genocide” began.

Sorry, too, “Palestinians.” Now entering their—what?—fourth generation as “refugees” (a world-historical record!), “Palestinians” have one other accomplishment to their (made-up) name: They discovered the secret to immortality, albeit through faking their own deaths on video and faking their own lives on paper. And somehow I missed that Hitler Channel special, “Inside the Mansions, Sports Cars, and Shopping Malls of Bergen-Belsen.”

That said, I’m handing the Fake Genocide Death-Time Achievement Award to the Indians or First Nations or whatever they are this week, because as a Canadian, I have to deal with those undead human toothaches more directly and regularly than either of those aforementioned zombie species.

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