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Universal Suffrage Is Immoral

17th November 2012

Read it.

And here I thought that everyone enrolled at Brown University was a communist or Eurotrash or both.

Obviously I was wrong.

This guy obviously didn’t get the memo that an essential part of becoming one of the Crust (which people at Brown are there to do) is to disguise the agenda underneath a fetching variety of populist slogans. And this kid isn’t even a freshman; he’d better get with the program before he gets culled.

Oliver Hudson ’14 thinks the 53 percent should move to Galt’s Gultch.

Ah. He’s a Randroid. Well, we all go through that phase. A pity; now that he’s outed himself, his exsanguinated corpse will be discovered in a shower stall somewhere on campus once the local anti-fascist cell has someone read the article to them. A tragic waste, much like the entire state of Michigan.

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