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The Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog

17th November 2012

Read it.

I must confess that I’ve always thought that Williams-Sonoma was a neurological disorder, like Creutzfeldt-Jacob, or perhaps an accounting firm. But I guess I was wrong.

While certain retailers like Hammacher Schlemmer are almost intentionally ludicrous (“Buy this personal hovercraft for $80,000!”), there’s no wink to be found in a Williams-Sonoma catalog. The people at W-S aren’t the least bit self-conscious about getting you to pay $35 for mailed gravy. So I thought I would go through this holiday season’s catalog, which has spent a solid week atop my shitter, and point out some of the more ridiculous items. Because there are people out there who buy this shit. The question is … who? And why? Let’s try to figure that out now.

Down the alimentary canal with gun and camera….

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