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Florida Restauranteur to Impose Surcharge for ObamaCare

16th November 2012

Read it.

A Florida restaurateur who operates roughly 40 Denny’s locations and five Hurricane Grill & Wings franchises in Florida, Virginia and Georgia intends to add a 5 percent surcharge to customers’ bills to offset costs from ObamaCare beginning in January 2014 when the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented.

Let’s hope he puts it on the menu, where the Nutrition Nannies want to put the bad stuff.

To further offset the costs, Metz, who oversees roughly 1,200 employees as president and CEO of RREMC Restaurants, LLC, said he also will slash most of the staff’s time to fewer than 30 hours per week. That change will be announced to employees next month, he said.

Thank you, Barry, for decreasing employment. I’m sure that’s what people elected you to do.

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