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Secession Petitioners Ain’t Whistling Dixie

15th November 2012

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Well, actually, they are. Like similar posturing on the left, with the Occupy Whatever crowd, this is receiving a lot more attention than it deserves. There is a greater chance of the Mayan end-of-the-world scenario actually happening than this one.

The White House has received petitions from all 50 states – signed by nearly 750,000 citizens asking permission to secede from the United States. A White House spokesman did not return calls seeking comment.

Going to show that there are silly people everywhere. But we knew that.

UPDATE: More silliness from Slate.

My home state is an odds-on favorite to stick it to the federal man in a secession battle in part because it’s been spoiling for such a fight since Reconstruction. But it’s not just the state’s vaunted independent streak that gives it a leg up: Thanks to a strange quirk of its original annexation agreement, Texas may actually be in a slightly better position than any of the other 49 states to back up its tough-guy talk.

This myth pops up every time ‘native Texans’ get together. The status of Texas within the United States is not governed by the original annexation agreements but by the Act that readmitted Texas to the Union in 1870, which puts it on the same footing as every other state. I suppose that it should surprise anyone that a ‘journalist’ would get this wrong; pretty much everyone else does.

3 Responses to “Secession Petitioners Ain’t Whistling Dixie”

  1. RealRick Says:

    I don’t understand the objection of anyone living in Texas to seceding from that whimpering bunch of participation trophy socialists to the north of us.

    Without the pathetic remains of the USA sucking the life out of us and burying us in needless regulations (e.g., Greenhouse Gas regs), the economy of Texas would thrive. It is also likely that the nation of Texas would avoid being the world’s military cop and not bleed – literally and financially – into the muck of the Third World.

    It’s time to recognize that the Titanic is sinking and cut the lifeboat loose before it gets dragged down with it.

  2. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Don’t make us come down there an kick your ass again, Scooter.

  3. Tim of Angle Says:

    What is this ‘again’, paleface? There wasn’t a single Union soldier on Texas soil when the rest of the goobers threw in the towel.