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Guilty by Headline

14th November 2012

Scott Adams turns over a rock.

I’ve noticed that whenever the media wants to demonize a public figure, they follow a specific pattern:

1.      Quote the public figure out of context to make him look more ridiculous than usual.

2.      When the public figure tries to put the quote back in context, the headlines the next day will say, “[Public Figure] Doubles Down”

3.      When the public figure tries to clarify a hasty remark, or one taken out of context, the headline is “[Public Figure] Backpedals on Earlier Remarks.”

Backpedaling and doubling down are words the media use to signal their opinion that the figure in question is an unscrupulous weasel. It also helps distract from the fact that the media often invents news by removing context. Doubling down sounds a lot better than the more accurate alternative: “Public Figure Correctly Points Out that We Manufactured News by Removing Context.”

One Response to “Guilty by Headline”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Well, thank goodness that’s explained.
    I can now safely ignore all the right-wing pundits’ accusations about Obama’s ‘doubling-down’ on stuff and/or ‘backpedaling’. It was all obviously based on something that Fox or Rush took out of context.
    I’m so relieved.