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Union Ding-Dongs Killing the Twinkie

14th November 2012

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Back in September, following acceptance by the Teamsters. the bakers’ union (BCTGM) at bankrupt Hostess brands—makers of the iconic Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Wonder brand breads—rejected a company proposal to help keep the company in business. By a voice vote of its members, the union opened the door to conduct a company-killing strike and potentially putting 18,500 Hostess workers onto the streets.

Well, on Friday, the bakers’ union called its members on strike nationwide. Now the job cuts begin.

On Monday, Hostess permanently closed three of its plants, thanks to the union’s strike.

The Teamsters, the other union at Hostess, has alerted its members that they may soon be unemployed.

How’s that the-union-makes-us-strong thing working out for you guys? I guess you’ll need to change it to the-union-makes-us-unemployed, huh. But don’t worry! Obama will give you a free phone! And food stamps! It’s free! Just swipe your EBT! You can even use it to buy Twinkies … for a while, at least….

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