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FEMA: Disaster Socialism

9th November 2012

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Why do liberals love FEMA so much? Certainly not for its glorious track record. Rather, FEMA has been a great vehicle for expanding the welfare state.

As opposed to the old Civil Defense organization, which was entirely local.

But if you think FEMA’s inability to provide rapid relief subverts the core reason for its existence, think again. A few days after the Times’ valentine, FEMA head W. Craig Fugate told the newspaper that the agency’s rapid response role is really a fallacy. “The general public assumes we are part of the response team that will be there the first couple of days,” he said. But it is really designed to deal with disasters several days after the fact.

How does FEMA do that? By indiscriminately writing checks — a task at which it evidently excels.

One Response to “FEMA: Disaster Socialism”

  1. RealRick Says:

    FEMA was quite popular with the evacuees from Katrina that arrived in Houston. They each got a $300 pre-paid Mastercard to help them get settled. It was later discovered that much of the money was spent in Houston strip clubs. I thought that was pretty nice of the gov’t to do that for all those sad evacuees and the poor girls in the clubs working their way through college. {ahem}

    FEMA was amazing when we were hit by Ike. They managed to be completely invisible and to accomplish not one damn thing during the recovery.