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Blue State Behavioral Sink: Oakland Robbers Attack TV Cameraman

9th November 2012

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A KPIX news cameraman was punched and robbed during a live broadcast outside an Oakland high school, the latest in a spate of holdups targeting the media, police said Thursday.

Apparently they were doing a piece on how much local public schools had improved under SantaClausism.

Reporter Anne Makovec and cameraman Gregg Welk were on the air shortly after noon Wednesday outside Oakland Technical High School near the corner of 42nd Street and Broadway. They were at the school to do a story on the passage of Proposition 30, the tax measure preventing deep cuts to education.

I’ve always heard that a conservative was a liberal who’d been mugged … somehow I don’t think it will work in this particular case.

One of the assailants punched Welk in the mouth before the group fled in a Mercedes-Benz, which apparently was accompanied by a Lexus, police said. Welk declined treatment by paramedics but saw his doctor.

That’s California for you — most affluent low-lifes in the country. Aren’t you proud?

The incident comes amid a series of robberies in which media representatives have been victims throughout Oakland, often in broad daylight.

The perps were only identified as ‘five men’, which means that they were either black or Latino, because otherwise their race would have been reported, since then there would have been no danger of the ‘journalists’ being suspected of racism.

Steve Sailer comments:

 With Jerry Brown on top of the world again and talking about running for a fourth term as governor of California, I recall when I met him a decade ago. When Brown was mayor of Oakland, I attended a Milken Institue speech he gave in which he explained what he had learned as mayor. I was quite astonished, because the gist of his speech, as far as I could tell, was that being mayor of Oakland had been a most eye-opening experience for an old liberal like him, that he had concluded that the main hope for Oakland was persuading poor people to move out and for the the poor people who insisted upon staying, trying to get their kids to go to a public military school he started to get some discipline pounded into their dysfunctional heads.

With results as you see them. You can knock some sense into the Governor, but if the electorate remain morons, it doesn’t help a whole lot.

 Now, that I think about it, why not Jerry Brown for President in 2016? Who is his competition? Hillary? Biden? That would be quite a field. The Democrats could really use some of that Senior Citizen Mojo that’s been working for Republican nominees so well since 1992.

And there you go.

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