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Government as the National Pimp

8th November 2012

Sonic Charmer shares an insight.

From a 10,000-foot view, then, it seems that what our government is largely about, and destined to be more and more about, is ensuring that wealth is extracted from estate-dwelling, married (mostly) men so as to securely house young, unattached women in city apartments. Their poster child is that person ‘Lena Dunham’, who stated quite clearly her rationale for what she wanted in a ‘government’, most of which had to do with taking care of her, maintaining her health, and so forth.

But I am realizing that this is, in fact, a very old arrangement – older than government – and it even has a name. So despite all the lefty talk of ‘transformative’ and the righty talk of apocalpyse, in the grand scheme ultimately nothing has changed, not really. This sort of arrangement, this dynamic of cash flowing from married/older men to young unattached women has always existed. All that we’ve done, really, is to aggregate and centralize the whole function, and hide its nature a little so as to shelter tender sensibilities.

Pigs will always vote for more swill in the trough, and if there are more pigs than not, well….

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