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The Privacy Illusion

6th November 2012

Scott Adams reminds us of some inconvenient truth.

Realistically, you can’t lose your privacy to Big Brother because you already lost it decades ago. What you do have is the right to be boring and law-abiding at the same time. It just feels like privacy to you.

I’m overstating the case a bit.  To be fair, you do have the right to take a dump with your bathroom door closed. You can also expect some privacy with your lawyer and your therapist. These minor exceptions are the crumbs that remain of your so-called right to privacy. And those crumbs remain because the government doesn’t care about them. The government controls the most ferocious military power in the history of civilization and it knows where you live; it doesn’t also need to know you have mommy issues.

Just relax, enjoy the promise of technology, and stop worrying about Big Brother. Realistically, he’s been ass-raping you for years, and apparently he’s not sufficiently endowed for you to have noticed. I don’t see that situation changing.

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