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Hurricane Sandy Could Displace Rats, Spread Infectious Disease

30th October 2012

Read it.

But only in New York City, so it’s doubtful that anyone will notice. Most of them vote Democrat anyway.

3 Responses to “Hurricane Sandy Could Displace Rats, Spread Infectious Disease”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Bad link, Tim.

    Living on the Gulf Coast and having weathered several hurricanes, it really is amazing to see how much “different” the problems are if a storm hits the Northeast Corridor. Nobody else has ever had rain or high tides before – at least if you believe the media.

    Having traveled in that area, my opinion is that the storm has probably cleaned out more problems than it created.

    Oh, look, isn’t that Jimmy Hoffa floating by?

  2. Dennis Nagle Says:

    No, no…Jimmy is buried under the ramp from I-94 to the Lodge freeway in Detroit.

  3. Tim of Angle Says:

    Link fixed.