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The Dating Game Gets Partisan, With Politics a Deal Breaker

30th October 2012

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Ms. Adler owns Selective Search Inc., a high-end matchmaking service in Chicago. With 28 offices across the nation, the firm pledges to find the ideal mate for clients paying fees that start at $20,000. Not in four presidential elections has Selective Search seen so much love lost over politics.

In this neck-and-neck, ideologically fraught presidential election season, politically active singles won’t cross party lines. The result is a dating desert populated by reds and blues who refuse to make purple.

Pretty stupid. I was married to a Democrat for thirteen years — still would be, if she hadn’t died — with never an unkind word. I can see not wanting to date stupid people, which would eliminate about 90% of those on the Left, but there’s enough windage in that to make having an explicit criterion silly.

One Response to “The Dating Game Gets Partisan, With Politics a Deal Breaker”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    I was married to a Democrat who turned Republican. Talk about conflicted…