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Can Barack Obama or Joe Biden Be Told Anything?

24th October 2012

Freebergnails it, as he so often does.

See, I have this belief about assholes: We can disagree about whether or not a specific person is one, or is behaving like one within a defined setting as we evaluate some defined behavior of his, with reasonable points presented on both sides of such a disagreement. Right up until the individual is trying to be one. Asshole-ish-ness gets an automatic A for effort; if you’re working at it, it really doesn’t matter what the achievement is. People manage to do asshole things all the time without characteristically behaving like assholes, or without the personality deficiencies of assholes, but you don’t apply yourself toward asshole effort unless you’re an asshole.

Yes, that applies to sitting United States Presidents. What an asshole! “We have these things called aircraft carriers…”

One of the things that the debate brought out is that Obama really is an arrogant ass. See, if you’re running for President, and you’re in a public debate that supposedly demonstrates your qualifications for that job, you don’t talk to your opponent in a voice dripping with contempt as if his comment were beneath your notice. (Well, maybe if it’s Jimmy Carter. But otherwise: no.) I do my best to avoid looking at Obama but I’m sure he was rolling his eyes as he said it.

Mull this statement over in your mind a minute or two, and it becomes clear: Some teenager at heart, having successfully used elaborate Marxist rhetoric to get out of garbage-hauling duty for the entirety of his young, snot-nosed existence, managed to bullshit His way into the White House. That is a problem, and by no means a small one.

And that is the basic flaw with Obama. He needs to grow up. He needs to approach life in an adult manner. He needs to act like the President of the United States, not just the Homecoming King.

Even disregarding the ideological spectrum, this is precisely what I do not want to see in the Oval Office, this swaggering hipster can’t-be-told-anything mentality.

That’s what this election is all about: Putting the adults back in charge, and sending the Bros back to the frat house.

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