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300º Simulator

11th October 2012

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With both a 300° and a 180° simulator as well as a virtual range, Gander Mountain offers many different scenarios designed for full-immersion virtual reality training. Whether it be for self defense or law enforcement training, or simply for the sport of it, Gander Mountain’s shooting action surrounds you with five 8? x 10? screens, allowing threats to actually approach you from behind!

These scenarios are all instructor assisted and they’re judgment based, not only teaching your body but training your mind in order to improve your decision making skills, and improving your reaction times and overall marksmanship. With multi-directional audio and real firearms that have been modified for laser fire , the sounds and and real feel recoil make this video-game-on-steroids about as realistic as it gets.

2 Responses to “300º Simulator”

  1. lowly Says:

    Of course it’s 4,200 miles away.

  2. RealRick Says:

    They’re installing these simulators in stores as they are built or updated. The Gander Mountain store in Spring, Texas has one. They also installed a fairly nice “real” shooting range (25 yard). There are other similar (real) ranges in the area that cost less, so I don’t use GM. (Plus, it’s a little hard for me to accept a gun range with little hand sanitizer dispensers on the wall.)

    One thing that surprised me when they re-opened this store: there is an airport-grade metal detector at the entrance to the simulator. They don’t want anyone to accidentally take a real gun into the simulator and start blasting away at their screens.