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The Lie Factory

11th October 2012

How politics became a business.

Political ‘consultants’ — corrupting our politics (for a modest fee) since 1933.

Of course, since it’s The New Yorker, Republicans are the villains of the piece (all the specific Bad Examples cited are Republicans, like that Enemy of Mankind Nixon (boo, hiss); no mention of the Clintons, James Carville, or Paul Begala, much less of Tommy Boggs), and the examples are all stuff that Right Thinking People Support While Cretinous Republicans Oppose, like compulsory health insurance (‘But they turned the President’s sensible, popular, and urgently needed legislative reform into a bogeyman so scary that, even today, millions of Americans are still scared.’), but it’s still an interesting read, if only for the way in which they point the Finger of Indignation at slanted tendentious writing while practicing the same thing themselves.

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