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Lucky for Congress, Blatant Conflict of Interest Is Still Perfectly Legal

9th October 2012

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 While insider trading is banned in Congress, it’s still completely legal for lawmakers to sponsor bills that could benefit the businesses and industries or their family members have invested in, and according to The Washington Post, 73 congressmen and women have figured out how to use this loophole—a jump from the 16 they found when they published this study in February. In March, Congress passed a ban on insider trading after being embarrassed by 60 Minutes last November on the ways members had taken advantage of their information to trade stock on hot legislative tips. President Obama gave the practice mention in his State of the Union, and after some protests from members, some new rules went into effect like requirements to disclose stocks purchased on the Internet.

Best Congress money can buy.

One Response to “Lucky for Congress, Blatant Conflict of Interest Is Still Perfectly Legal”

  1. RealRick Says:

    You’re wrong about that time. This Congress is not the “best” at anything – except perhaps being greedy, lazy, incompetent, ….

    We really should get a refund.