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The Free Phone President

28th September 2012

Watch it.

The fact that the free phone program antedates the Obama Presidency, as Obama’s spin-doctors are at great pains to point out, is not the point. The point is that Obama’s underclass base thinks he’s the reason they’re getting free phones, and so that’s why they plan to vote for him: Vote for Obama and you’ll get free stuff. That this is an abiding theme of this administration dates back to Obama’s first months in office, where the cry was ‘Free Obama Money‘.

So the nation appears to be split into people who are going to vote for Obama because he will give them free stuff, and people who are tired of paying for other people’s ‘free’ stuff — who will presumably vote for Romney, not because they think he’s going to be able to stop the government giving people free stuff at taxpayer expense, and probably not because they think he’s going to try all that hard to stop the giveaways, but because there’s more of a possibility of that with Romney than with Obama. That’s all the choice we get, and most of us are weighing a doubt against a certainty and will vote accordingly.

It’s a great time to be a useless slug in America.

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