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‘If Only We Could Edit the Bible’

25th September 2012

Read it.

Possibly the most stereotypical thumb-sucking piece of writing you’ll encounter today: A PhD who teaching writing at some college nobody has ever heard of, writing in the Huffington Post, indulges in a stereotypical left-wing fantasy. I suppose it’s the journalistic equivalent of a college application admission essay — ‘why you should hire me as a Voice of the Crust’.

I have often wondered–quietly and usually to myself–what would happen if we could edit the Bible.

Yeah, you and 90% of the Democrat Party.

After all, textbooks get edited and publishers bring out new and improved versions that are more in tune with how things are, instead of how things were.

Note the standard ‘progressive’ assumption that New is better than Old purely because it is New. They literally cannot conceive of any other way to think.

Wouldn’t it be good if some ecumenical committee could go through the Old Testament and take out all the language about stoning people to death for breaking various rules?

Why not? They’ve already done it for the Koran, at least so far as anybody in the Crust thinks anything about the Koran.

Or maybe soften that passage where the Psalmist talks about bashing the heads of the babies of his enemies against the rocks?

Funny, I must have missed that bit. Could I have a footnote here? Far be it from me to suggest that a PhD who teaches writing at a college nobody ever heard of and who writes for the Huffington Post might have an agenda and be, you know, making shit up, but — could I have a footnote, here?

We could also fix some of those New Testament misquotes of the Old Testament.

Those ‘misquotes’ are actually accurate use of the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, and the only thing that allows some pinhead like this one to characterize them as ‘misquotes’ is the edit job the Massoretes did on the Old Testament (a thousand years later than the Septuagint) to make it less Christian-friendly. This is as laughable as Charlemagne criticizing the Orthodox Greeks for ‘dropping thefilioque from the Creed.’ It’d be funny if it weren’t so tragic.

Well, I guess you can’t fix stupid.

One Response to “‘If Only We Could Edit the Bible’”

  1. rey Says:

    The Bible is largely a historical book. Do we edit Herodotus and change all of what happened? Do we remove bits and pieces that we don’t like? Yet, the Bible was edited when the Apocrypha was thrown out by the Prots, and I oppose that move, if for no other reason than that it sets a bad precedent.