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Exploiting the Prophet

23rd September 2012

Nicholas Kristof has a Blind Pig moment.

“PISS CHRIST,” a famous photograph partly financed by taxpayers, depicted a crucifix immersed in what the artist said was his own urine. But conservative Christians did not riot on the Washington Mall.

“The Book of Mormon,” a huge hit on Broadway, mocks the church’s beliefs as hocus-pocus. But Mormons haven’t burned down any theaters.

So why do parts of the Islamic world erupt in violence over insults to the Prophet Muhammad?

Perhaps because Islam is an oppressive totalitarian ideology under the guise of a religion, with which no co-existence is possible.

Perhaps because Islam is a deliberate construct by Satan in an attempt to destroy the Jews, God’s chosen people.

The possibilities are endless, although writing for theNew York Times bars Kristof from considering the obvious ones:

Let me try to address that indelicate question, and a related one: Should we curb the freedom to insult religions that are twitchy?

So, in the face of massive evidence that Islam is a murderous, dysfunctional belief system, Kristof turns his head to the side to consider ‘religions that are twitchy’. The term ‘clueless’ seems totally inadequate, like going up to an ax-murderer caught in the act and pondering whether we ought to criticize the fact that he has tattoos.

I guess the pig is still blind. False alarm.

One Response to “Exploiting the Prophet”

  1. ErisGuy Says:

    Perhaps because Moslems and socialists are last remaining primitive peoples who believe mass murder can solve their society’s problems.