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Poll: Obama Takes 9-Point Lead in Michigan

21st September 2012

Read it.

Of course. Losers and leeches are his natural base. I predict that he has at least that good a lead in California, Massachusetts, and D.C.

4 Responses to “Poll: Obama Takes 9-Point Lead in Michigan”

  1. RealRick Says:

    And Dennis can fill us in on how Democratic Party policies have improved life and the economy of Michigan, thus leading to the popularity of the “O”.

    Wait, let me get some popcorn…….

  2. Dennis Nagle Says:

    It isn’t that we think Obama is so great, it’s that we think Romney would be terrible.

  3. Tim of Angle Says:

    So you prefer a failure over a success? Well, that’s at least consistent.

  4. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Depends on how you define the terms, doesn’t it?