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Economists for Romney

28th August 2012

Read it.

Where are the ‘economists for Obama’? Oh, I forgot – paid by the government.

One Response to “Economists for Romney”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Just a few things from one bullet-point:

    “•Restructure regulation to end “too big to fail,”” Like breaking up the big banks? How socialist!

    “improve credit availability to entrepreneurs and small businesses,” This is controlled by the banks, and the banks aren’t lending. How does he propose to change that? Without nationalizing them, that is…

    “and increase regulatory accountability” All very nice, but the big economic problem was–and still is–with derivatives, and they aren’t currently regulated. Will he start regulating them?

    I could go on, but what’s the need? Economists talking about fixing things is like the mice debating about belling the cat. Great idea, but exactly how does one go about it?

    Like in engineering, the devil is in the details…