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How Does That Work, Exactly?

31st July 2012









With thanks to Bob, who finds all the good stuff.

One Response to “How Does That Work, Exactly?”

  1. Jason Says:

    This showed up on my FB page (yes, I know, I know; but I got three teenagers to mind after, and FB is an integral part of the parental minding-package) and besides being pretty funny, it cut to the heart of the incredible disconnect between in the liberal mind between their stated beliefs, and the hypocritical way they behave in the real world.

    Ranting and raving and foaming at the mouth at a Southern-based chicken joint whose founder gave his personal opinion, based on his deeply held religious beliefs, that he embraced the centuries-old traditional interpretation of marriage is about their speed in such departments; putting their actual money where their mincing little mouths are and cutting themselves off from using the #1 energy resource on the planet, exported from a coalition of countries whose leaders don’t just opine their displeasure about homosexual conduct but actually put those who conduct themselves thusly to death, ehhh, they’ll take a pass on that one. And resent you bringing it up.

    “B-Bu-Bu-But that’s different!!!” is the usual liberal sputter & dodge in such instances, followed by a rapid attempt to change the subject.

    Modern American Leftism manages to combine two of the most obnoxious features of human existence: mendacity or willful ignorance as an imperative if The Narrative is threatened in any way, shape, or form (“it’s for the greater good; we’re on the Right Side of History anyway”), and moral cowardice. This humorous poster/representation manages to somewhat catch the flavor of that obnoxiousness.