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Panasonic Develops Artificial Photosynthesis System to Reduce Carbon Emissions

31st July 2012

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Panasonic says it has created an artificial photosynthesis system that can convert carbon dioxide into organic fuels, and can do so as efficiently as plants. The system creates energy by passing sunlight or concentrated light through a nitride semiconductor photoelectrode, and then uses this energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into formic acid. The system may seem inefficient with a rate of just 0.2 percent, but it’s the most efficient system of its kind so far, according to Panasonic. Previous attempts to create a similar mechanism had a limited efficiency due to their complex structures.

It doesn’t matter. The enviro-nazis will find some objection to it, and seek to embody that objection in appropriate regulations — their objective isn’t to save the environment but rather to suppress industrialization, and this invention will merely allow industrialization to continue.

One Response to “Panasonic Develops Artificial Photosynthesis System to Reduce Carbon Emissions”

  1. RealRick Says:

    There already is a photosynthesis system that processes carbon dioxide very efficiently and has been doing it for millions of years.