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The Last James Holmes Post?

30th July 2012

Half Sigma brings up an interesting point.

I really do think that this is a case of beta-male rage, which is a term coined by a commenter at this blog who used to go by the pseudonym of “Commander Shepard.” The term is now being picked up by other bloggers. I think that beta-male rage is going to be an increasingly obvious phenomenon. It’s because “nice guys,” that is guys who did well in school, are polite to people, and generally follow the rules, but who lack an aggressive and extroverted personality, these guys now have a very difficult time finding girlfriends. In the past, they were considered good boyfriend material. I think that if Holmes had a girlfriend, all those people wouldn’t be dead or injured.

One Response to “The Last James Holmes Post?”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    *sigh* Every generation thinks they invented sex.

    ‘Beta-male’ is just a new name for an old phenomenon. Nothing was more axiomatic in my college days than the complete asshole who had chicks hanging all over him even though he treated them like cheap whores, while the proverbial ‘nice guy’, that girls lamented they couldn’t find even when they were standing right in front of them, went home alone. I suspect the Romans had the same complaint.

    Somehow we survived, and some of us even found girlfriends and married.

    This didn’t happen because Holmes was sexually repressed; it happened because he’s a whacko. Let’s not over-complicate it.