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Why CNN Is a Failure

30th July 2012

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 CNN represents the passive-aggressive Left. MSNBC is unrestrained id, but CNN can never fully surrender to its liberal impulses. It tries to maintain a fig leaf of neutrality. But CNN can’t get through the day without betraying what it really thinks, often in underhanded ways. Thus, when CNN did a story on Chick-fil-A today, what did it focus on? The merits of the controversy? The fact that more than one Democratic government official has threatened to violate the company’s constitutional rights, because its CEO is opposed to gay marriage? No. In a dog whistle to its liberal audience, CNN focused on the fact that Todd and Sarah Palin, along with thousands of other Americans, tweeted photos of themselves eating at Chick-fil-A….

One Response to “Why CNN Is a Failure”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    So basically CNN is a failure because they don’t focus on whatever aspects of any story the right wants them to focus on?
    “If you’re not with us, you’re against us…”