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New Study Confirms Death Tax Kills Jobs, Hurts Growth

29th July 2012

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A study released this week by the Joint Economic Committee found that the death tax fails to produce any recognizable benefits and significantly hinders economic growth in the U.S.

The study shows that the death tax fails to achieve any of the goals that it was intended to achieve.

Specifically, the death tax has: (1) reduced the amount of capital stock in the U.S.; (2) significantly hindered entrepreneurial activity; (3) prevented economic mobility; and (4) raised an insignificant amount of revenue.

Well, duh. The purpose of the death tax, as everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows, is to confiscate wealth from those who, being freshly dead, are in no position to complain, so that the government can spend it for it’s own purposes. It’s robbery, pure and simple. ‘Your money belongs to us; we’ll decide how much we let you keep.’

One Response to “New Study Confirms Death Tax Kills Jobs, Hurts Growth”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    The purpose of the ‘death tax’ is to prevent the formation of an oligarchy by those with inherited wealth.
    Not that it works, mind you…