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Multiculturalism Destroys Trust, Economic Well-Being, Happiness and Social Cohesion

30th June 2012

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It is easier to trust people if you feel that you know them. This is why businessmen take the effort to travel to meet their clients personally. If you know that the other party shares the same basic values, you already know a lot about that person – because you know yourself. Sharing values means knowing each other, and knowing each other increases trust. This is why criminal gangs – which are built on a high level of trust – are mostly monocultural.

So what happens when people with very different cultural backgrounds and religious values live together? The level of trust naturally goes down. In order to preserve trust and the many benefits coming from this important feeling and experience, the different groups tend to live together in enclaves separated from the other groups. It is important for people to feel “at home” – but what makes that feeling of being at home? It’s the feeling of being surrounded by a recognisable environment and culture where one does not have to communicate excessively to reach mutual understanding and thereby trust.

A decrease in trust leads to a decrease in the feeling of safety and happiness as well. As psychologist Abraham Maslow showed us in his hierarchy of needs, and as all who have been able to learn from life’s ups and downs know, not having our basic needs fulfilled leads human beings to focus more on their own basic needs before focusing their efforts on benefiting those around them. Thus a decrease in trust means an increase in egotism.

This is why areas with mixed cultures show higher rates of crime and other socially deviant behavior. Doubt it? Track the crime rate for Portland (leftist but damned near all white) and Los Angeles (be careful not to get caught in the black/Latino gang wars).

Proponents of multiculturalism may think that they are working for more confluent societies with more tolerant citizens by waging lawfare against our national borders and thereby forcing us to live with people from cultures that we basically do not know and understand. But their efforts are clearly counterproductive, as the result is cultural segregation and individuals focusing more on themselves. The multiculti segment clearly lacks knowledge of human nature, and their ivory tower theories completely overlook normal real life experience, established psychological theories and well known facts.

Be careful not to step in the diversity.

One Response to “Multiculturalism Destroys Trust, Economic Well-Being, Happiness and Social Cohesion”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    Counter argument: Ellis Island.
    The nation is as it is today because millions of ‘multi-cultural’ Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles, Chinese, and others flooded into this country in the 19th century. Abetted by Big Industry (which always needs a surplus of cheap workers to keep the cost of labor down), they filled up the cities, built the railroads and the highways, and in general oiled the wheels and gears of the industrial revolution. Didn’t turn out so bad, did it?

    Ironically, one of the ‘cultures’ which he finds most disruptive and troublesome is the one which is purely domestic: the ‘urban’ (read: black ghetto) culture. But that culture was allowed to develop on its own exactly because we (majority whites) refused to countenance any sort of integration. Isolated populations eventually diverge into different (cultural) species. So it should come as no surprise that those who didn’t grow up in The Hood simply don’t understand the motivation and/or actions of those who did. (An argument in favor of Black Studies in college: So we whites can get some kind of handle on what the heck blacks are talking about.)

    The Law of Uninteded Consequences is alive and well. Don’t step in the reactionism.