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5 Ways to Instantly Connect With Doctors

30th June 2012

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We’ve rounded up five medical apps and websites that connect users directly to doctors. With tele-health apps, patients can call, text or privately message licensed physicians online for immediate help. Patients have an instant connection to knowledgable specialists. This industry won’t replace primary care physicians, but it will come in handy when sudden sickness strikes. Illnesses can be diagnosed and medicine can be prescribed right over the web or phone.

One Response to “5 Ways to Instantly Connect With Doctors”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    I predict a repeat of the problems brought on by the introduction of the 911 emergency system.
    I.e., people will use it not as intended (dire situations) bur will call for any old reason, day or night, swamping the system with trivial calls while making it difficult for true emergencies to get through.

    No, it won’t replace primary care physicians, but people will try to apply it that way.