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Muslim Men “Often Complain About Their … Women Who Rebel Against Corporal Punishment”

29th June 2012

Read it.

A typical problem in modern Muslim marriages: wife and daughters refuse to be beaten. For some reason Demir, a self-appointed Sharia lawyer, has not been charged for not reporting the violence to the police.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprised.

And the feminists say … [chirp] … [chirp] ….

7 Responses to “Muslim Men “Often Complain About Their … Women Who Rebel Against Corporal Punishment””

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    We don’t have time for this.
    We first need to address the problem of military men who assault women in this country.
    Then maybe we’ll have time to worry about Muslim women in Germany.

  2. Jason Says:

    I’ve been following Dyspepsia for years, and only just now noticed that somewhere along the line he picked up an obnoxious troll regularly spamming the comments section with the usual inane silliness spewed by the Left. Big on one-line non sequiturs and *ad hominem* attacks (among other spasms of argument-by-logical-fallacy), per usual the preferred posting/”debating” habits of that vile ideological tribe. Laughable stuff.

  3. Tim of Angle Says:

    But trolls, like the poor, we have always with us.

  4. Dennis Nagle Says:

    “an obnoxious troll” Ad hominem.
    “spamming the comments section” ‘Spamming’ is posting uninvited opinions. A comment section exists to invite opinions. Hence, commenting in a comment section cannot by definition be ‘spam’.
    “Big on one-line non sequiturs and *ad hominem* attacks” Like your post.
    “preferred posting/”debating” habits of that vile ideological tribe.” The preferred ‘debating’ style of the Right is, by contrast, to dismiss with derision with actually addressing the content.

    Worry about the beam in your own eye before you worry about the speck in someone else’s.

  5. Dennis Nagle Says:

    ERRATA: “without”

  6. Jason Says:

    @Tim Of Angle – Alas, you are correct, and it slipped my mind for about thirty seconds the first rule of dealing with trolls: don’t feed them. They just double & triple down, and almost universally, as Moldbug once pointed out, with *tu quoque* leading the charge.

    Dyspepsia Generation has one of the best clearing-houses for both interesting and often uniquely offbeat articles and stories in the “blogosphere,” and his accompanying commentary is always both pithy & spot-on: it’s only natural at some point that our host was going to attract some kind of Leftist crank-cum-hanger-on spewing KOS-kids talking points and standard “progressive” bile.

  7. Dennis Nagle Says:

    As I said: “The preferred ‘debating’ style…to dismiss with derision with[out] actually addressing the content.”

    I rest my case.