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Szechuan Surprise

29th June 2012

Read it.

 China’s nuclear warhead stockpile is more than twice as large as U.S. intelligence estimates and could include as many as 3,000 warheads, according to a retired Russian general and former strategic forces commander.

Col. Gen. Viktor Yesin, the former head of the Strategic Rocket Forces, revealed in a May 2012 article that based on estimated stocks of up to 70 tons of uranium and plutonium, Beijing has enough material for 3,600 nuclear warheads.

Based on the fissile material, “there are probably 1,600 to 1,800 warheads in the Chinese nuclear arsenal,” Yesin stated.

“According to assessments, 800 to 900 warheads from this number may be operationally deployed, with the rest in long-term storage,” the general stated.

My, what a surprise! Aren’t you surprised? I’m sure surprises.

Great job you’re doing there, Barry, great job.

One Response to “Szechuan Surprise”

  1. Dennis Nagle Says:

    You remind me of that old Bill Cosby routine where he upbraids his wife for having a daughter and not a son. When confronted with the fact that the male carries the Y chromosome and determines the sex of the child, he dismisses it with, “In my opinion, it’s the fault of whoever had it last. You had it last, so what went wrong?”

    In the NeoCalvinist world, all problems are the fault of the current Democrat. Any that can be demonstrated not to be are the fault of the last Democrat. I’ll be interested in seeing how they reconcile the theory with the latest decision by Justice Robets, a Bush (Republican, lest we forget) appointee. Should be Byzantine and highly entertaining.